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FL Wolters

Growth In Your Hands

Person-Centered, Solution-Focused, and Strengths-Based Therapy for Adults and Children


The F.L. Wolters Group

The F.L. Wolters Group is a private psychotherapy and wellness practice founded by Lottena Wolters, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

We are a multicultural group of wellness professionals who are collaborative, strength-oriented, and passionate about the work we do.

The practice provides non-judgmental counseling to adults and children experiencing major life changes, personal and professional relationship difficulties, and persistent mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD and post-traumatic stress

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Work with US

We love the work we do! 

We’re passionate about creating a safe, therapeutic environment for clients, and we are genuinely excited to help you.

We are active partners in your therapy journey. 

Maybe you’ve had a therapist before but felt like they expected you to figure it all out yourself. That’s not us. We speak up, emphasizing our strengths and revealing choices you may not have known you had.

We are collaborative. 

We love to talk to your “people,” whether it’s a family member, trusted friend, or other provider, to help strengthen your support network and work together as a team to meet your goals.

We are committed to equity and inclusion. 

Our black woman founder brings a unique, multicultural perspective that resonates with clients whose identities have them navigating across differences - of race, nationality, sexuality, and more.

If this sounds like a good match for your needs, please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment!

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We are here to Help

Contact Us

Getting Here:

We are just blocks from the Red, Orange and Blube Line Metro stations.

Our Address:

1629 K St. NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006

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